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November  2019
Ticket Sales at Phillipsburg Mall

Good news! The new Kiosk in the Phillipsburg Mall is up and running. Now, even when the ticket office is closed, you can buy your tickets for one-way, round-trip and commuter at the Kiosk. It accepts all major Credit Cards.

Trans-Bridge Lines is still in need of drivers. If you know anyone with a CDL, who is looking for a new career opportunity, or someone who wants to learn to drive, contact us. We even offer “In House” training.

Interested applicants can email or apply in person at our main office located at 2012 Industrial Drive, Bethlehem, PA.
Drivers Needed
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“It’s the Cost of Doing Business in New York City”
This is what the city of New York says about tickets issued to buses. Tickets are issued to buses idling over three (3) minutes, buses parked on designated streets for lay overs, and not having New York City Department of Transportation permits for pick-ups.

Most of these tickets are incorrectly issued and Trans-Bridge Lines hires an Attorney to fight all tickets received. Unfortunately, Trans-Bridge Lines is incurring costs by either paying the fines or fighting the tickets. Discussions are underway for better, clearer street signs to avoid the confusion for both the Drivers and Police and to keep our operational costs down. 
Port Authority Increases Gate and Other Fees
Port Authority continues to increase its fees on a yearly basis. Additionally, Trans-Bridge Lines recently learned that there is a percentage due on all one-way and round trip tickets sold in New York City to destination points in Hunterdon and Warren Counties. 

We also just leased another parking lot which will allow us to move more buses off of the street for their layovers. We now have 31 spaces leased from the Port Authority. 

All of these expenses factor in to our costs of operation and ultimately, our annual fare pricing, which you can read about below.

This year, our annual fare increase, which is normally budgeted for August, will take effect on

November 1, 2018. This will affect fares on one-way, round trip and Commuter/Multi-ride


While we prefer not to increase fares, this modest increase is necessary due to the substantial

rise in our overall business operating expenses such as:

  •  New Equipment Costs
  •  Port Authority parking fees and commissions
  •  Complying with New York City Department of Transportation regulations
  •  Increased labor costs, benefit costs and new hire training costs

For these reasons, we must implement a modest fare increase this year. Please know, our goal

is to keep costs as low as possible, while still providing the safest, most convenient and cost-

effective service.

Commuter multi-ride fares will continue to be priced on a monthly basis based on the

fluctuating cost of diesel fuel.

Our monthly commuter fares are located on the Commuter Fare page of our website, located here. Information on round-trip and one-way tickets is located on the All Fares page, located here.

Fare Increases:
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